The Mdina Touch by Edward J Kelly


Steve Parker is consumed by guilt as he returns to Liverpool to finalise his grandfather’s affairs. Orphaned from a very young age Steve had been raised by his grandfather, Stuart Henlaw, who had confided in his grandson that he was the guardian of some incredible secret knowledge. With the arrogance of youth and contempt for what he thought was the ramblings of an old man, Steve had abandoned his grandfather to old age and loneliness.

Foiling a burglary attempt and suffering increasingly violent attacks, Steve realises that something is greatly amiss. Attempts to capture him fail and eventually Arthur Calthorpe, the solicitor, executor and close friend of Stuart Henlaw convinces Steve that his grandfather was indeed the guardian of an incredible secret and was murdered in an attempt to obtain it.

Using clues left by his grandfather Steve uncovers more information. The trail leads under the streets of Liverpool, through forgotten passageways linked to Liverpool’s notorious slave trade and on to other well-known Liverpool landmarks. Incredibly, the secret knowledge comes directly from Ancient Egypt and is as relevant today as it was then.

Moses fled from Egypt and brought with him the ancient and secret knowledge of God known only to the Pharaoh, his Princes and the High Priests. Founding a nation based on this established religion Moses retained the secret knowledge on stolen copper scrolls that were eventually hidden beneath the Jerusalem Temple.

Sponsored by kings and in great secrecy the Knights Templar excavated beneath the ruins of the Temple. Legend recounts that amongst other secrets they discovered the true name of God. The Templars had recovered one of the Moses Scrolls and as a result gained spiritual knowledge that endowed them with incredible power and the ability to perform esoteric acts but both scrolls are required to achieve absolute power.

Accused of heresy and Satanism the order was brutally suppressed by Phillippe, King of France. Some of the Knights formed an underground movement and continued to search for the whereabouts of the lost scroll.

Hunted by the Grand Inquisitor, who has already ritualistically crucified and beheaded Arthur Calthorpe’s son, Steve is rescued from a brutal death by an organisation opposing the present-day Templars. He learns that the race to obtain the Scrolls has continued since antiquity and has intriguing parallels to the book of Revelations. The Templars and the Masonic Brotherhood are on the verge of world spiritual domination but nobody realises or cares as they continue to live their selfish existence.

The final clue to the location of the scroll is found in the Book of Acts. Why had St. Paul visited fellow disciples before embarking on his journey to Rome? Shipwrecked, St Paul lived on Malta for a time before being transported to Rome. The hunt is on. Where about on Malta is the remaining secret scroll hidden?

Steve discovers that directions through the Maltese Catacombs at Rabat and how to avoid the cleverly laid traps had been instilled into his mind as a child by his grandfather.

Facing betrayal and heartbreaking decisions, Steve embarks upon the ancient quest to recover the missing scroll. What to do with it when it is found? Who should have the secret information? Who is good and who is evil? In a startling revelation Steve learns that the divide between good and evil is so vast that it is impossible for mere mortals to fully traverse to one side or the other. The final battle takes place on a spiritual plane between Steve and the Grand Inquisitor where Steve finally discovers that the Grand Inquisitor murdered his Mother as well as his Grandfather.

As the battle comes to pass Steve is entombed in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in emulation of the Third Degree ritual. How can Steve attain the spiritual plane for the final battle? Will the ancient copper scrolls reveal the secret word of God and impart the knowledge to command Heaven and Hell?