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This Church and the Pyramid Tomb feature in my book The Mdina Touch
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St Andrew's Church Yard, Rodney Street, Liverpool


St Andrew's Church, Rodney Street, Liverpool has caused much debate and speculation.

Tom Slemen, in his Haunted Liverpool books, told a tale of how James MacKenzie had lost his soul to the devil in a game of cards and to cheat the devil from his promise, that when MacKenzie was in the ground the devil would claim his immortal soul, MacKenzie was interred sitting on a chair above ground holding a winning hand.

Many years ago I had a terrible, terrible nightmare. This formed the basis for one of the chapters in my book. Imagine my astonishment to discover that Derek Acorah had described a very similar scene to my nightmares in his book "The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah". Until that point I thought that I had just had a bad nightmare and it had no actual connection to the pyramid tomb in Rodney Street.

I decided to look into things a little bit further and the photographs on this page are from the early part of my investigations.

A rather unusual photograph taken through a hole in the wall of the building to the side of the main church.


And Finally ...

I feel that I must point out that I am not a spiritualist nor did I believe in the paranormal. I cannot offer an explanation for any of the anomalies on these photographs but would be more than happy to enter into debate.

I still continue to try and find explanations for these anomalies and although "ghost hunting" is not a main area of my research I will pursue it for a while just to see where it leads.

The grave yard at night is often backlit by the lights from the John Moore's Library building behind it. This can make it difficult to photograph.

Eventually when the lights do go out it makes it much easier to see the shapes of the grave stones and tombs.

The stones in the foreground are obviously lit by the flash.

You can just see the copper crest above the entrance to the pyramid tomb glowing in the dark. This photograph was taken at 20.59hrs

You can see in this photograph some orbs just starting to appear as bright spots of light in front of the pyramid. The photograph was taken at 21.00hrs.

A subsequent visit to St Andrew's Church about five days later resulted in some very weird happenings
I could take very few photographs on this occasion because the batteries in both my digital camera and SLR drained of energy every time I pointed them at the pyramid tomb.
You will notice two clear orbs near the area of the pyramid but also notice how the pyramid and background seem to be out of focus as if there is a haze in the air and yet you can see the grave stones and monument in the foreground are clear and sharply in focus.
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