Smithdown Road and Allerton Cemeteries


Smithdown Road Cemetery

The cemetery in Smithdown Road, Liverpool, is adjacent to what was once a workhouse for the poor.

Built in 1859 the workhouse later became known as Smithdown Road Institution then eventually Sefton General Hospital.

The hospital has since gone to be replaced by a branch of a well known chain of supermarkets.


The common practice of the day was for the dead from the workhouse to be buried in the cheapest of coffins and usually in an unmarked grave. Several coffins may also have been placed in the same grave.

In this set of photographs we can clearly see some very bright orbs amongst a large number of other orbs that are not so brightly illuminated.

This cemetery, adjacent to where the old workhouse once stood is still in use today. These photographs virtually snap shots taken from the roadside. Once night I might take a stroll through the cemetery and who knows what I may photograph.

I feel that this could well be one of the last pages containing photographs of orbs. I am reasonably satisfied that they are not a fault in my camera or a defect in the lens.

In the very many photographs I have taken during my visits to various locations, the photographs from each location have been within the same time frame and there are far more photographs that do not contain orbs than those that do.

This leads me to conclude that these orbs are indeed a phenomenon that is not reliant on certain conditions and cannot be anticipated in any way. They appear quite randomly and are therefore independent of any set of circumstances I can perceive.

Allerton Cemetery
Allerton Cemetery is relatively modern and is currently the main cemetery for the south side of the city.

Once again this cemetery is locked up at night but the photographs taken from the gates clearly show some very bright and large orbs.

This sequence of photographs taken within a few seconds of each other and of practically the same spot demonstrate how orbs seem to have the ability to appear and disappear within a very short space of time.


The sequence begins at 22:11hrs
22:12hrs The orbs are probably at their peak. There's almost too many to count and you can see the full range of luminosity.
22:12hrs Only a few scattered orbs remain.
22:12hrs Not an orb in sight.

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